Starting in 1988 with joint efforts of 5 PhDs in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, LIACC -Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science at the University of Porto, has been reconfigured several times along the last 30 years. From the 5 pioneers, only one is still active at LIACC. However, throughout the years, LIACC attracted researchers from several Universities and Institutes, including mostly several young and very promising researchers.

In January 2018, LIACC includes 19 integrated PhD members, including 10 recent PhDs (with doctoral degrees achieved in the last 6 years). Since LIACC is a small research unit, it also includes a large amount of collaborators, typically from larger research units for enabling joint research work on large projects. LIACC researchers, mainly belong to the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto. However, several researchers are connected with other institutions such as the Polytechnic Institute of Porto and several other private and public institutions. Typically, the researchers kept their connection with LIACC after successfully completing their PhD degrees. Most of the researchers holding a PhD are not doing full-time research, since they are University Professors and have heavy involvement in lecturing (between 8 and 12 hours per week).

LIACC includes three different groups:

Management of LIACC is done according to the FCT Multi-year Funding Program rules (Strategic Projects), through a Coordinating Board, a Scientific Council and an external Advisory Board. The Coordinating Board is composed of four senior researchers, one of which is the Director. The Scientific Council, responsible for the approval of annual reports and plans, is composed by all the researchers holding a PhD. Activities are periodically reviewed by an external Advisory Board.

LIACC management is done according to FCT (Portuguese Agency for Science) multiannual Science Funding rules, through a Directory Board and an External Advisory Board.