António Pedro Dias da Costa

Collaborator PhD
Research Interests: Computer Assisted Qualitative Data AnalysiS (CAQDAS) User Centered Design

António Pedro Costa holds a PhD in Multimedia in Education from the University of Aveiro and currently attends the post-doctorate at the same institution, with the project “Implementation and Evaluation of Instruments for Qualitative Analysis in Research”. He also collaborates with the Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Laboratory (LIACC) at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto. He collaborates with Ludomedia as a scientific editor. At the same time, he is an Assistant Professor of ISLA (Polytechnic Institute of Management and Technology) where he teaches the Curricular Unit Research Methodologies of master course. He is one of the researchers / authors of the qualitative data analysis software webQDA ( In this area, he has published and co-authored several articles in congresses, national and international journals and book chapters. He is the Coordinator of the Ibero-American Congress on Qualitative Research ( and the World Conference on Qualitative Research (, as well as a member of the working group 1: “Theory, analysis and models of peer review” of the COST action “New Frontiers of Peer Review” ( His research areas include Qualitative Research and Mixed Methods, Human Computer Interaction, User Centered Design and Development of Software.

  • Martins, B., Costa, A., Caetano, C., Rodrigues, C., Ruao, G., Lopes, I., Aguiar, J., Sousa, P., Silva, P., Correia, T. and Sousa, A. (2015). Smartphone Robot for High School Students: RobHiSS. 2015 10TH IBERIAN CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES (CISTI)

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