Célia Talma Martins de Pinho Valente Oliveira Gonçalves


talma@fe.up.pt PhD
Research Interests: Text Mining Data Mining Machine Learning Information Retrieval Business Intelligence

Célia Talma Gonçalves has a PhD in Informatics Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (2013), a MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (1999) and a BSc degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the Faculty of Science (1994), University of Porto. She is an Adjunct Professor at Porto Accounting and Business School from Polytechnic of Porto (ISCAP – P.Porto) and researcher at LIACC. She is the Director of the Pos-graduate course in Enterprise Information Systems Management and also the director of the Informatics and Management applied to Healthcare, at ISCAP – P.Porto. She has teaching experience in the field of Information Systems, Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence. Her main research areas include Information Retrieval, Text Mining, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Information Systems and Business Intelligence. She supervised several BSc dissertations at ISCAP and co-supervised a MSc at FEUP. She is the author and co-author of several conference/journal indexed publications. She was co-chair of the BAAI (Business Application of Artificial Intelligence) Session at EPIA 2017. She is a member of the APPIA (the Portuguese AI society).

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  • Afonso, A. P. and Martins, C. T. (2004). An E-learning Experience. 1st European Conference on e-Learning and Management Education, na Universidade de IULM, Milão em 19.Março, 2004

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