Pedro Baltazar Vasconcelos

Integrated member PhD
Research Interests: Functional languages Resource semantics Type and effect systems Semantics-based static analyses Type-driven testing

Pedro Vasconcelos did his undergraduate and master degrees in the University of Porto, Portugal and concluded his PhD in the University of St Andrews, UK. His main research topics are in resource analysis for functional languages and type-based static analyses. He has co-authored papers in relevant international conferences and journals including IFL, ICFP, ESOP and JAR. He is an Auxiliary Professor at the Science Faculty of the University of Porto.

  • Jost, S., Vasconcelos, P., Florido, M. and Hammond, K. (2017). Type-Based Cost Analysis for Lazy Functional Languages. Journal of Automated Reasoning

  • Vasconcelos, P., Jost, S., Florido, M. and Hammond, K. (2015). Type-Based Allocation Analysis for Co-recursion in Lazy Functional Languages. PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES AND SYSTEMS (pp. 787-811)

  • Rodrigues, V., Akesson, B., Florido, M., de Sousa, S., Pedroso, J. and Vasconcelos, P. (2015). Certifying execution time in multicores. SCIENCE OF COMPUTER PROGRAMMING, 111 (P3), pp. 505-534

  • Simoes, H., Vasconcelos, P., Florido, M., Jost, S. and Hammond, K. (2012). Automatic Amortised Analysis of Dynamic Memory Allocation for Lazy Functional Programs. ACM SIGPLAN NOTICES, 47 (9), pp. 165-176

  • Simoes, H., Hammond, K., Florido, M. and Vasconcelos, P. (2007). Using intersection types for cost-analysis of higher-order polymorphic functional programs. TYPES FOR PROOFS AND PROGRAMS (pp. 221-236)


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