Pedro Ricardo da Nova Valente

Collaborator PhD
Research Interests: Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) IoT HCI Integrated Smart Systems Web Personalization Pervasive Computing

Pedro Valente was born 07 July 1978 in Oporto, Portugal. In 2002 he graduated from the Fernando Pessoa University - Oporto city with a BEng. In Communication. He worked as a web developer and a system designer for four years before completing the M.S. in Informatics Engineering at the Engineering Faculty of Oporto University - Portugal in 2009. Pedro holds a Software Engineering Ph.D. degree from The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller, University of Southern Denmark - Odense, since 2012. He wrote a dissertation titled “Action coordination and resource allocation against user profiles: Application to INTELLIgent CARE in nursing homes”. Since August 2012, he is an adjunct professor at ISPAB - Instituto Superior de Paços de Brandão, responsible for topics regarding ICT areas, ERP Information Systems, and Good Practice in Academic Research. Since 2015, collaborate with UPT - Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique, Porto, Portugal, as Assistant Professor for Software engineer courses. From 2017, program coordinator for informatics master’s degree at UPT. Since 2015, being involved as local international project coordinator, for VTC (Jordan) and OPATEL (Iran/Iraq), reinforcing synergies and networking among consortium partners. In the R&D area, Pedro is a researcher at REMIT (Research on Economics, Management and Information Technologies) and a collaborator of LIACC– FEUP.

  • da Nova Valente, P. R. (2012). Action Coordination and Resource Allocation against User Profiles. (Doctoral dissertation, Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, University of Southern Denmark)

  • Valente, P., Hossain, S., Gronbaek, B., Hallenborg, K. and Reis, L. (2010). A Multi-Agent Framework for Coordination of Intelligent Assistive Technologies. SISTEMAS Y TECNOLOGIAS DE INFORMACION (pp. 77-82)

  • da Nova Valente, P. R. (2009). Calibração de Modelos Complexos Utilizando Agentes Inteligentes e Metodologias de Optimização. (Master’s Thesis, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto)

  • Cruz, F., Pereira, A., Valente, P., Duarte, P. and Reis, L. (2007). Intelligent farmer agent for multi-agent ecological simulations optimization. PROGRESS IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, PROCEEDINGS (pp. 593-+)

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