Argumentation Hub (ARGH)

Project Contact: Henrique Cardoso
Keywords: Argumentation Argumentation-based negotiation Authorship analysis Court sentencing analysis Discourse analysis Argumentation mining Media coverage Fake news Radicalization patterns sociolinguistic profiles in argumentation

The Argumentation Hub (ARGH) is a multidisciplinary and collaborative lab around the topic of argumentation. ARGH includes members affiliated with three different faculties and research centers of the University of Porto.

Argumentation is a research topic traversal to several scientific areas. In Linguistics and Philosophy, argumentation is studied from the points of view of rhetoric and argumentative/persuasive texts, discourse analysis, computer-mediated discourse analysis, and forensic linguistic analysis (on media texts and online interactions), namely to study radicalization phenomena. In Social Sciences and Humanities, such as Law, Sociology, Psychology and Criminology, argumentation is used to justify acts and decisions concerning both normative and deviant behaviors, and to justify judicial sentences. In Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, computational models of reasoning and argumentation have been sought; argumentation is used for automatic human-understandable mechanisms for decision making, and is also studied in the field of natural language processing and text/argumentation mining.

The mission of ARGH is to promote multidisciplinary research on argumentation. When doing so, ARGH also aims at conducting applied research that can produce interesting applications of argumentation technology, namely in the field of digital media.

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Henrique Cardoso
Ana Paula Rocha
Gil Rocha

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